Design your own, Play your own, Be your own.

Custom drumsticks, made to your specs!


Have you ever thought to yourself, I can't wait until I'm famous enough to get my own stick design? Wait no longer, your time is now!

All drummers are not the same. Your favorite music store may have many options of drumsticks for you to choose from, but none of those are YOUR stick. Unless you are one of the fortunate few to have an endorsement deal with a major stick company, you have been limited to standard sizes or someone else's signature model.

That ends now! With CDX drumsticks: Design your own.  Play your own.  Be your own.

At CDX, we don't have any particular model to sell because every pair we ship out is made to custom specs selected by you, our customer. You build your own pattern using our website and then we make it. It's that simple.

It's time you play your own signature stick!

Design your own. Play your own. Be your own.

You chose the wood. Hickory sticks start at $5.00, exotic woods start at $8.00.
You choose the length. Anything up to 36".
You choose the diameter.  Between .512" and .650" in Standard (Other diameters available by quote) .
You select the tip. 7 different tip options (wood and nylon available).
You choose the graphics. Give us a logo or signature for your stick.

Now play with the drumstick you've always imagined.